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Welcome to Luhv'lee Brands




The creative output of Luhv'lee Brands hasn't always been logos and color palettes. A true designer explores all facets of design. 


From print to digital and everything in between, discover how Luhv'lee Brands can be of valuable service to your small business.


With close to seven years under my belt, I've acquired the knowledge to turn this passion into a career. Though, it wasn't always that clear. 


Luhv'lee Brands is a design agency with a niche for small business design and branding. We offer an experience that cultivates a transparent and loyal business relationship. Each client will walk away with their services fulfilled but also ongoing tools and support as they move forward. Every project will be completed promptly and efficiently and customer service will be handled with the utmost respect and understanding.



Some Lovely Clients



Occasionally, I step away to write...


I have personally worked with Jessica Kircher for years (well, almost a year), and can attest that not only are her designs created with thoughtfulness, talent, and skill, but her many clients are also treated with patience and respect throughout the entire process. A fellow designer with over a decade in the field, I’ve met many “graphic gurus,” and with Jessica’s education and drive she is well on her way to becoming one of them! I highly recommend her services for all of your design/branding needs!
— Shaye Ayre, Production Manager