As a professional, there are essentials that will play a huge part in your success. One of those essentials is organization and time management. I can tell you that I've missed many tasks and have failed with many clients due to lack of time management. I went searching and I finally found an application that helps me sort out my tasks. This is ALSO going to be an amazing application for when I bring other designers on board with me. This app allows you to set tasks and label them. It also allows you to assign "cards" or tasks to certain designers, leave notes and updates, and move the cards from to-do to doing and then to finished slots. I am thrilled about this app and that is why I would LOVE to share it with other professionals. 

KANBANCHI: Project Management Tool

What is Kanbanchi?

I stumbled across Kanbanchi when browsing through Google Drive applications. That will make for another blog post but Google Drive has become my go-to for organization, design storage, and mail. I recently discovered that you can download additional apps onto your Google Drive. Once I saw Kanbanchi, I was sold. It's everything I've been needing and looking for and it's FREE

Kanbanchi: a kanban board for project management and collaboration within your Google Drive. Check it out here

The Interface

As mentioned before, the tasks are referred to as cards. You create a card for every task you wish to add to your project manager. The cards can be put in a certain designers inbox and has an option to add notes or updates as the task is in session. 

Referring to the green label you see on the right, you are able to customize these to say what ever you would like. I have many different labels and they are all a different color. I have a label for blog post idea, scheduled and posted. That way, I can tell what is going on with each card. 

There are also key words (the one in the example is Blog Post). With the key words, I can filter my search to see a certain category of tasks. The 100% means that I completed 100% of the checklist that is within that card. You can also see the attachment tool which allows you to attach your graphics for that task. That is helpful for when you are working with other designers and would like to approve their artwork before they send off to the client. It is also helpful to have a record of the graphics you did for that task. I attach my blog post graphics.

To the left, you can see inside the card interface. You can see the following:

  • What designed created the card
  • What the label is (where you can change the label, depending on the card status)
  • You can put a title for the card and the description of the task
  • You can assign a specific designer to the task 
  • You can put a start and end date for the task and how much time you think it will take or how much it should take (for a project manager position, that's a great tool for letting your designers know how much time they have)
  • You can send the event/card to your Google calendar
  • You can create a checklist for the task and mark off when a certain task gets done
  • You can add tags which will allow you to filter to that certain tag/task group later on
  • You can attach graphics or documents

You're able to see the task completion status and keep track with what needs to happen with that card. Nothing can slip through the cracks with all of these procedures and that's why it's the program for me. 

Why I Love It

I just found this program and have been using it for a short time so, this is all based off of my experience at this moment. Right now, I can tell you that it's been a blessing already for my site/blog. I feel a lot more confident now when it comes to possibly taking on clients again. I know that I will have a platform that forces me to stay on track and holds me accountable for the tasks I need to complete. 

  1. It's free UNLESS you would like to put your logo and branding on the program. Once I get going, I can actually design the platform to fit my brand. That is wonderful for businesses and small design firms.
  2. It's with me on the GO! I can access my Kanbanchi account from my Google Drive so, where ever I have internet, I have my Kanbanchi.
  3. It's easy to use and has a user friendly interface. If I do bring designers on board with me, it will be quick and easy to get them adapted to my project manager. 

I really hope you too can find this application useful. Every business, small or large, needs a project manager. This tool is worth taking a look at!